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The bedding we choose is in constant contact with our skin during the night. This is why we must take into consideration its effect on our overall wellbeing. A good night’s sleep, between natural eco certified linen bedding, is the best way to replenish your energy after a busy workday.


No other fabric used to make bedding has as high amount of beneficial elements such as selenium and silicon. These are the same elements your organism is restoring while you sleep.


Sleep between linen bedding helps to prevent some illnesses, thanks to it’s special antibacterial effects - linen is resistant to bacteria and fungus. Ecologically pure linen fabric is considered a natural antiseptic


Linen fabric’s unique texture helps to prevent a variety of skin disorders, gently massages your skin, stimulates blood flow and circulation.


Linen’s advantage is it’s longevity - it is considerably more durable than other fabrics used for making bedclothes. Throughout multiple washes linen will keep its colour and the texture of the fabric will become softer without losing its structure. Our bedding sets have gone through a special treatment, which gives them incredible softness.


Raw unprocessed linen is smooth with little knots and and matt surface.

Linen products are dirt repellent and resistant to pilling. Linen is also hygroscopic - this means it absorbs moisture faster but also dries very quickly - property that is invaluable on a hot day.


Linen is one of the most breathable fabrics and on linen bedding your skin will be able to breathe easier. Thanks to its excellent thermal conductivity it will keep you warm in winter and cool during the summer. One of linen’s notable qualities is that it does not accumulate static electricity.


Keeping previous information in mind, you will agree that the best choice for you and your children is 100% natural linen bedding. You will be sure to fall in love with this material.


By spending a night between linen bedding you will experience a preventative therapeutic procedure during which your skin and your organism will be purified. Skin’s close contact with linen fibers will help to remove toxins from your body and reduce harmful effects of the environment, which in turn improves body’s ability to adapt and promotes longevity.

Linen - a unique material, which has no equal in nature and with miraculous healing properties, which are becoming apparent only now. All it takes to keep a number of ailments at bay is to incorporate natural linen items into your day to day life.


                                                                                                 a perfect night's sleep, yours